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Product Catalogue 2016

A range of our products from Grease Traps to Kidsafe Grates, Reflux Valves to Pumpstations

Halgan Trade Waste

Browse Halgan's range of trade waste products, from grease traps to pump stations.

Aqua 204 Rainwater Tanks

Available in 5,000 litres up to 52,000 litres, double walled, lightweight, made from HDPE food safe material

Reflux Valves & Flap Valves

Specifications and information on our large range of Reflux Vavles & Flap Valves.

New Zealand Trade Waste Products

A full catalogue of all Halgans Trade Waste Products for use in New Zealdn.

Kidsafe Grates

Kidsafe Grates and pits from 200 x 200 right up to 600 x 600. Variety of lids and loadings.

Tap Bollards

Highly visible, safe, durable and all in one design. Halgan Tap Bollards are vandal proof and come in a range of colours.

Tap Bollards & Kidsafe Grates

Halgan has a full range of tap bollards and pits and grates.

Hyflow Pump Range

Specifications on a range of our pumps including vortex, grinder, cutter and macerator pumps.

MGTA 2000 Specifications


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Technical Manuals


Water Services Association of Australian Product Appraisal of the MGT S Series.

MGT WSAA Appraisal

Water Services Association of Australia Appraisal of the Modular Grease Trap.

S100 Technical Manual

The Ecotec Grease Extractor-S100 is the smallest, lightest and most compact trade waste unit on the market. All technical requirements are available here.

Installation of MGT, MGTS & MGTA

Step by Step installation manual for all sizes of the Modular Grease Trap, MGTS & MGTA Series

Installation requirements for MGT & MGTS series Water Corp

Installation requirements for MGT S Series as required by the Water Corporation in WA

Installation of Polyethylene Tanks

Step by Step guide to installing a range of our products that are made out of polyethylene including pump stations, silt straps and dilution traps.

General Purpose Pit Technical Manual

Technical information and specifications on the Halgan General Purpose pit

Packaged Pumpstation Manual

A manual on Halgan's range of packaged pumpstations.

EUS Pump Station Owners Manual

Ecotec Undersink Pumpstation Owners Manual

Ecotec Undersink Pump Unit Troubleshooting

Advise and recommendations on the Ecotec Undersink unit.

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