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The Halgan Way

A grease trap is something you want to "set and forget", so with the Halgan Way
combined with our Zero Impact environtmental policy, you can.

Site Inspection

Our standard process takes ten mins to perform and confirms ease of site access and grease trap size

Grease Trap Servicing

Pump out, leaning and maintenance work performed. This icludes scraping, deodorisation and structural testing of all trap functions

Waste Removed & Treated

Fats, grease and oils removed in accordance with the AS4801/1S0 45001 safety and environmental standards


We take care of compliance reporting to Water Authorities to ensure no penalties or fines are issued

Going Green to

At Halgan, we continually strive for excellence and the betterment of the environment. Waste collected is handled and treated in accordance with all water authority requirements. You can rest assured that we will minimise the impact that your waste has on the environment with our Zero Impact policy.

Halgan Liquid Waste complies with the highest IS014001 and IS09001/AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Protection standards.

We know
Grease Traps

We have been designing, innovating and manufacturing grease traps for over 20 years. With every service, we undertake a full inspection to maximise the performance of your grease trap and ensure there are no hydraulic or structural impediments that could interrupt your business.

Benefits of
Halgan's Grease Trap

Because your business in the hospitality industry, it is imperative your doors stay open to serve customers what they want, and when they want it. Your grease trap is critical to ensure this happens as if it malfunctions, it can cause blockages, overflows, dampness and structural damage often not covered by insurance. Issues with your grease trap can build up slowly and remain undetected until they suddenly cause an overpowering odour which is off putting to staff and customers.

Our team is comprised of leaders in the grease trap field who will perform inspections and maintenance on your grease trap every time it is serviced. We bring the right equipment and expertise to the job, and we stay until it is done.

Other Benefits of
Regular Grease Trap

  • Enabling your grease trap to perform at the highest possible standard wich preserves the local environment and reduces your water bills.
  • Avoiding temporary closure of your business as a result of unpleasant odours affecting the workplace.
  • Ensuring the sewage lines remain clear and unobstructed so you as the business owner will not be penalised by local authorities.
  • Enjoying the more cost-effective option of scheduled grease trap servicing rather than the more expensive one off jobs or unforeseen grease trap repairs.

Liquid Waste Services

Oily and Industrial Grey Water (J120/J100)

If you operate in a range of industries such as abattoirs, factory processing, auto mechanic services, car wash bays, the chances are you have an oil and water separator which pre-treats the water on your premises before it is released into the sewer.

The Environmental Protection Agency categorises these wastes as J100 or J120 wastes. They are defined as "waste mineral oils unfit for their original intended use" or "waste oil/water hydrocarbons/ water mixtures or emulsions" respectively.

Halgan is a leading Australian manufacturer of oil and water separation units and has developed expertise in this field. We can provide ongoing waste collections, maintenance and treatment services for your oil

Other Commercial Liquid Wastes we handle include:

Sewage Sludge and Residues(K130)
Storm Water(J120)
Plaster Arrestors and Retention Tanks
DAF Units
Dilution Pits and Solid Settlement Pits

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