Halgan welcomes Tony Onsley as our new CEO

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tony Onsley as Halgan’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Tony brings decades of experience to the position and has a proven record of taking companies like Halgan to the next level. This aligns with our plans for major expansion in the Australian market. Previously, Tony was Chief Executive Officer of MVS National and has held executive roles with S.C. Johnson, Lion Nathan, GEON, Sirius Corporation and Moore Business Systems Australia.

This is an enormous opportunity for Halgan, and all of our staff, to grow and build upon our successes to date. As CEO, Tony will steer Halgan into the future, and build on the leadership position of the company, with an exciting new vision for expansion, both nationally and internationally.

Tony’s appointment as CEO is a clear reflection of the company’s current state; optimistic, motivated and enthusiastic after another strong year of growth and success. With Tony as CEO we all look forward to this exciting new phase in Halgan’s expansion and on-going success.

Septic Tanks Approved with patented BioFilter

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Great news for our New South Wales sewage market…we have received full accreditation for our HSEPS1000, 1500, 2000 3000, 4000 and 5000 models with NSW Health. All Halgan™ Septic tanks include the patented BioFilter which stabilizes high surging and wastewater flows rates experienced daily. The BioFilter stops clogging of absorption trenches, and removes up to 90% suspended solids, 95% Oil/Grease and 45% BOD from the waste stream.

Signed CofA (Ext) Halgan Pty Ltd STCW039 April 2018
Signed CofA Halgan Pty Ltd STCW039 March 2018

Following installation procedures is key

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Every unit we dispatch has installation instructions attached as this is the most important information we can provide for a quick and easy install. Ensuring your site is properly prepared is one of the issues we often find lacking. If a site is not properly excavated, or is an above ground unit is not placed on a flat surface, then the install can become a real problem afterwards.
We recently had a plumber install a MGTR10000 incorrectly on a sloping slab, this put uneven pressure on one side of the unit. The plumber would not accept this was the problem but as with every product, correct installation is key.
If you have any issues or questions regarding you install, please call us on 1800 626 753 or email sales@halgan.com.au

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