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Products – From Pre Treatment Devices to Trade Waste Pump Out Needs and More

At Halgan, we’re proud to be one step ahead of the pack with a product range that’s eco-friendly, easily cleaned, durable, compact and easy to transport. Whether you need an effective trade waste pump out solution or an upgrade of your commercial kitchen grease trap, you’re sure to find the ideal product for your needs right here.

Product Categories

Halgan supplies businesses and industry professionals across the Sydney metropolitan area and throughout greater New South Wales with a comprehensive selection of waste water treatment products in the following categories:

  • Grease traps – You’ll find a vast range of heavy duty, highly durable grease traps in a selection of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Stormwater tanks – Available in a variety of sizes for the collection and usage of rainwater. Silt traps are also available to separate dirt and silt from the water.
  • Septic tanks – Designed to be installed underground, our septic tanks come in various sizes to suit particular requirements.
  • Pre-treatment devices – All the essentials that need to occur before waste water is treated come down to this collection of products, ranging from lint and silt traps to cooling pits and oil water separators.
  • Stormwater pollution control – Before stormwater is released into the sewer system, these pollution control products aid in the removal of solids and other unwanted contaminants from the water.
  • Packaged pump stations – Find a vast selection of single, dual and triple pumps that transport fluids from one location to another.
  • Reflux valves – We stock reflux valves and backwater valves with single and twin flap and automatic shut off.
  • Rainwater tanks – Choose from in-ground rainwater tanks in a variety of sizes specifically for the storage and use of rainwater.
  • Surge control devices – Available for septic tanks, grease traps and more.

For more information on our trade waste pump out products, or anything else in our catalogue, simply download the information PDF, call us on 1800 626 753 or submit your enquiry using our contact form.

Easily Cleaned
Easily Cleaned
Easily Transported
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

Averaging Dilution Tanks

The Halgan Averaging Dilution Pit is used for treatment of waste water from laboratories, schools, technical colleges, battery manufacturing or any application where acids or alkalines are used.
The sizing of the Halgan Averaging Dilution Pit  is calculated by adding total number of laboratory sinks and multiply by 5 litres e.g. 70 sinks x 5 = 350 litres. Allow 5 litres for every 300 mm length of laboratory troughs e.g. Trough length 3000 mm divided by 300 mm = 10 x 5 litres = 50 litres. Add the estimate flow from all fixtures to calculate Halgan Averaging Dilution Pit capacity e.g. sinks 350 litres + troughs 50 litres = 400 litres – Halgan Averaging Dilution Pit size is 400 litres  In other cases 1 hour retention should be allowed for.

Halgan Averaging Dilution Pit is manufactured from Polyethylene.

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